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Christmas shipping + Corona 

(Update: 12/15/20)



Dear customers, 


also we can not completely escape the current situation and that, although we can still be completely active in production + shipping. Due to the closure of the stores in Germany from 16.12 we have a much higher order volume in the online store with the same capacity of employees and also the post office, as well as DHL will have the days extremely busy. Delivery delays are therefore unfortunately possible. 


We have the assurance from DHL that all packages that are sent until Friday (18.12) are guaranteed to arrive by 24.12 at the customer (national). We continue to work shifts, including Saturday and Sunday, to try to pack and ship all packages by 12/23. We are confident that the packages will be delivered on time, even if we can no longer guarantee it, because we are dependent on the delivery company and it is no longer in our hands. . 


In this special time, we will not let it get us down. Please have understanding for the points described above. We will do our best for you to deliver a special class unpacking experience, fast delivery and a high quality product that will accompany you faithfully and for a long time. 


Best regards 


The team of Timber&Jack 

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