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Our history

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Do you know the almost endless forests in Southern Germany? Have you ever been to our region at Lake Constance and the Black Forest or perhaps to our neighbours in Switzerland, in Basel or Schaffhausen? What many people don't know today, but is well known to connoisseurs, is the uncanny density and importance of this region in terms of clocks and watches of all kinds. The history reaches deep and far before the times when electronics almost exclusively came from the Far East. While today it is still the Swiss people with their fascinating and perfect clockworks, it was the rural region in southern Germany that attained worldwide fame with its Black Forest clocks, especially the cuckoo clocks.


It was probably the early seventeenth century when the production of Black Forest clocks began. The preferred material was without question wood. Especially cherry, oak, maple and linden were the most popular wood species. While the Black Forest used to be a classic mixed forest of deciduous and coniferous trees, it was only in the last century that it was gradually reforested almost exclusively with fast-growing conifers, which gave the forest its rather untypical dark appearance. Until a few decades ago, woodworking and the profession of the woodcarver was still a typical occupation for this region, which can still be seen today in the great elaborations of the countless wall clocks.


While Swiss watch manufacturers still sell their modern wristwatches worldwide, the watch industry in the Black Forest and its surroundings is rather restrained. But there are still the small manufacturers and factories that hold on to their traditions and dreams to give their best every day to produce beautiful watches with this ancient know-how .

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But who really wants a cuckoo clock today? We all love nature. We also love wood and the art of creating and owning unique things. So how would it be, we asked ourselves a few years ago, if we could combine this old knowledge about clocks, this great passion for wood and nature, as well as the precise clockworks from the neighbouring Switzerland and bring back a clock that embodies in a contemporary way what we love so much? Maybe less cuckoo and more deer?


The passion for contemporary fashion, knowledge about wood and its processing led to the creation of our first wristwatch about three years ago. This was followed by various mobile phone cases made of wood and a number of other products, resulting in countless unique pieces that were very popular and have been perfected over the years. What in the first years was only sold regionally as unique pieces, is finally ready for series production since 2017 after a long period of work. With a sophisticated production and an unbeatable team of employees, we are now able to present our products to a larger audience.


With the aim of selling our watches to enthusiasts worldwide, we give our best for every product we make every day. For each of our watches we guarantee the best quality and the best components. We attach the greatest importance to sustainability and fair trade with our suppliers. Every clock and every mobile phone case is absolutely unique because of the grain of the wood.


We guarantee that every product contains all our love and a piece of nature, which will accompany you in every situation in life.


The team

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