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🥰🎄 If you want to give someone a Timbe
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You probably didn't land on this page by chance. Most likely you are looking for a gift for someone who has a special love for nature, wood, animals or plants. With a gift to your "nature boy" or "nature lady" we will not let you down :-)

Would you like to give this person a very special, lasting and high-quality gift, but you don't know which watch will be the favourite of the recipient?
Or maybe it's a mobile phone case and you're not sure which mobile phone model the lucky person currently has?

NO PROBLEM! Since we have a great number of customers who ask themselves this or similar questions, and money gifts are simply not the same, we have come up with something very special. We have made a voucher for you, which is a real eye-catcher on every birthday table or under every Christmas tree. It represents in advance what will make the gift so unique.

Our high quality and lovingly handcrafted gift card is made of recycled materials. The envelope of this card is decorated with a loving bouquet of dried flowers. Inside is the card, which can be pulled out on a hemp cord. The voucher code that you will find on the inside card can be redeemed in our online shop with the corresponding value.

We will deliver the voucher within 2-3 days to your home.

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