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Our very special packaging

For us, perfection and attention to detail does not end with the product, but continues in the packaging. Here we live together with the forest quite intensively and in harmony. This applies to the animals of the forest as well as to the plants and mushrooms. Our actions with our products are always focused on the sustainability of the sensitive ecosystem and the intention to protect it in the best way possible.


We take great care to ensure that each watch, mobile phone case and accessory is not only packed for you with the greatest love and care, but also that everything is more than unique. With the hollowed out tree trunk as a box for the watches, the dried flowers, the cones and our product, you get a small piece of our sustainable managed forest and a piece of nature delivered directly to your home. 

We are proud to offer you a completely compostable solution for our packaging that produces no waste in the long term.

Each package consists of: 

- A real, hollowed out tree trunk as a storage box for your watch

- The wood wool which is produced when the trunk is hollowed out serves as padding in the package

- Pine or fir cones (availability according to possibility and season)

- A small folder with information made of recycled and undyed natural paper, decorated with real flowers on the outside

- Depending on the product another small linen bag and/or linen cushion

-The package itself is also made of recycled cardboard. It is a little bit smaller and not, as shown in the video, delivered in the large white box. We have already adapted this for the sake of the environment.

- And if you only ordered a mobile phone cover or any other accessory, then everything is exactly the same, just without a log. It is only available for the watch :-) 

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🥰🎄 If you want to give someone a Timbe
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Okay, what is wood? 

Wood is basically water with converted air and a small pinch of micronutrients. It is a mass created from nothing in a very short time, which can be broken down into its individual parts again in a very short time by burning or composting.

- One of the most ingenious substances on our planet, because we breathe in what the trees breathe out.

Did a tree have to die for the packaging?

No, but your commitment to the environment in all honour. The fact is, we love the forest and protect it wherever and whenever we can. The German forest is considered one of the most exemplary in the world. Taking into account the long-term development of the forest as a complex environmental system, some trees are removed and replanted step by step. All this is done with the aim of keeping the forest healthy and vital in the long term. In addition, there is also the wood from storm damages. The logs we use are exclusively from secondary branches and storm damaged wood, which is produced in normal forests and is not used in the timber industry. These logs would only be used as firewood or even left in the forest as the benefit is smaller than the work to collect and process it from there. 

It is also important to understand that the CO2 stored by the tree as it grows only remains permanently removed from our atmosphere if we do not allow the dead wood to weather or burn. This would have the consequence that it would be immediately released again.  

We are proud to offer you a completely compostable solution for our packaging that produces no waste in the long term. 

Unboxing phone case

Unboxing gift set

Some beautiful pictures from the sustainably - managed forest

Impressions from the production in our workshop

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